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The NTLC has been instrumental in the creation of a number of training courses for prosecutors and law enforcement officers and is available to assist in the presentation of those courses and materials, including:

  • Protecting Lives, Saving Futures
  • Prosecuting the DWI
  • Prosecuting the Drugged Driver
  • Lethal Weapon (Vehicular Homicide)
  • Train the Trainer (Faculty Development)
  • Cops in Court
  • Hardcore Drunk Drivers

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In addition, the staff of the NTLC are regularly asked to teach prosecutors, law enforcement officers, judges, and other allied traffic safety professionals at national, regional, state and local training conferences around the country. NTLC staff members may be available to provide a training program for your jurisdiction customized to meet your needs.

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Drugged Driving Video Series
Driving under the influence of drugs other than alcohol or drugs in combination with alcohol is now nearly as prevalent as driving under the influence of alcohol. The numbers of alcohol related fatalities continue on a slight downward trend while the number involving other drugs has been increasing rapidly.

To assist prosecutors and law enforcement officers the AAA foundation funded a grant that permitted the National Traffic Law Center to create a video series. These videos are intended to help prosecutors who are fairly new to the study of drugged driving to develop a basic understanding of the challenges they will face as they prosecute drivers impaired by drugs other than alcohol.
Drugged Driving Video Series


Hardcore Drunk Driving Video
Law enforcement, prosecutors, judges, probation and parole, and treatment providers all play an important role in the swift identification, certain punishment, and effective treatment of the hardcore drunk driver. The National Traffic Law Center is proud to present its Hardcore Drunk Driver prosecutorial training in video format courtesy of The Century Council.  

To inquire as to how we might assist you in your training needs, simply Contact Us.




Descriptions for Upcoming Traffic Law Courses

Commercial Motor Vehicle (CMV) Violations:
Enforcement, Prosecution, and Reporting

June 13-15, 2018, Los Angeles, CA
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This course is designed to assist prosecutors, law enforcement personnel, judges, court clerks, motor vehicle administrators, and other allied professionals with vested interests in Commercial Driver’s License (CDL) enforcement and public safety, overcome the challenges involved throughout all stages of Commercial Motor Vehicle safety enforcement. From the law enforcement officers stopping tractor-trailers on the side of the road, to the prosecutor questioning whether a plea deal for a CDL holder constitutes Masking, to the DMV administrator reporting violations to other jurisdictions through the Commercial Driver’s License Information System (CDLIS), each part of the reporting process will be discussed.

By identifying where potential breakdowns in communication exist and identifying common misconceptions about CDL prosecution, we will be able to focus on ways to improve public safety, educate our enforcers, and save lives on our roads.

Topics Include:

  • Understanding Commercial Driver’s Licenses
  • Masking
  • Roadside to Record
  • Perspectives on Commercial Motor Vehicle Enforcement
  • FMCSA Efforts
  • Keeping Unsafe Trucks off the Road
  • Felonies and Commercial Motor Vehicles
  • Case Study

Register Early! Space is limited.
Individuals will be permitted to attend as space allows on a first come first serve basis.  Both the training and standard travel costs are fully funded at approved GSA rates. Approved expenses for attendees will be reimbursed by the National District Attorneys Association (NDAA).

Course Location
Embassy Suites by Hilton LAX Airport South
1440 East Imperial Avenue
El Segundo, CA 90245


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