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The NTLC has been instrumental in the creation of a number of training courses for prosecutors and law enforcement officers and is available to assist in the presentation of those courses and materials, including:

  • Protecting Lives, Saving Futures
  • Prosecuting the DWI
  • Prosecuting the Drugged Driver
  • Lethal Weapon (Vehicular Homicide)
  • Train the Trainer (Faculty Development)
  • Cops in Court
  • Hardcore Drunk Drivers

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In addition, the staff of the NTLC are regularly asked to teach prosecutors, law enforcement officers, judges, and other allied traffic safety professionals at national, regional, state and local training conferences around the country. NTLC staff members may be available to provide a training program for your jurisdiction customized to meet your needs.

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Hardcore Drunk Driving Video
Law enforcement, prosecutors, judges, probation and parole, and treatment providers all play an important role in the swift identification, certain punishment, and effective treatment of the hardcore drunk driver. The National Traffic Law Center is proud to present its Hardcore Drunk Driver prosecutorial training in video format courtesy of The Century Council.  

To inquire as to how we might assist you in your training needs, simply Contact Us.


Descriptions for Upcoming Traffic Law Courses

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Lethal Weapon
October 27-31, 2014, Phoenix, Arizona
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Vehicular fatality cases are complex, requiring prosecutors to have a working knowledge of crash reconstruction and toxicology, as well as skills to work with expert witnesses and victims. The Lethal Weapon course is focused on teaching prosecutors to develop their knowledge and skills in trying these cases. A substantial portion of this four and a half day course involves presentations on crash reconstruction, technical investigation at the scene, and toxicology. The course also provides an advanced trial advocacy component in which participants receive a case file and participate in mock trial sessions. A unique feature of Lethal Weapon is the opportunity for prosecutors to conduct examinations of actual crash recontructionists and toxicologists. Specifically, this course teaches prosecutors to:

  • Learn how a crash reconstructionist determines speed from skid marks and vehicle damage
  • Determine how vehicle and occupant kinematics assist in cases involving driving identification
  • Understand the prosecutor's role at the scene of a traffic fatality
  • Calculate BAC by learning alcohol absorption and elimination and making use of Widmark’s formula
  • Improve trial advocacy skills, particularly conducting direct and cross-examination of expert witnesses

    Hilton Phoenix/Mesa
    1011 W. Holmes Ave
    Mesa, Arizona 85210
    The NDAA rate is $106.00 plus taxes and fees/night
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