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State Statutes

Anatomical Dolls Use of Anatomical Dolls in (updated November 2014)
Animal Abuse Link Bestiality as a Trigger for Sex Offender Registration
(updated August 2014) 
    Criminal Penalties for Exposing Children to Animal Abuse
    State Chart — Animal Abuse as Prior Domestic Violence Acts (June 2014)
Autopsies   Autopsies in Child Death Cases
(updated September 2011)
    Child Autopsies and Death Review Team Summary Chart
CCTV Closed-Circuit Television Statutes (updated Aug. 2012)
Child Endangerment/Failure to Protect Laws
(updated August 2014)
    Child Endangerment" section as "Mothers & Babies
Testing Positive for Drugs at Birth (updated July 2011)
    Hyperthermia Statutes: Children Unattended In Vehicles (updated August 2014)
Child Neglect Criminal Child Neglect (updated February 2012)
    Child Neglect and Termination of Parental Rights
(updated February 2012)
Child Neglect and Abandonment Child Neglect & Abandonment (updated July 2011)
Child Sexual Abuse Accomodation Syndrome Admissibility of Expert Testimony as to CSAAS
(updated November 2014) 
Child Witnesses Case law & Statutory Compilation Regarding the Presence of Support Person for Child Witnesses (January 2013)
    Child Witnesses and Comfort Items (updated October 2014)
    Competency of Child Witnesses to Testify in Criminal Proceedings (updated March 2011)
    Leading Questions and Child Witnesses (updated June 2011)
    Limiting the Number of Interviews for Child Victims
(updated April 2011)
    Rules of Evidence or Statutes Governing Out of Court Statements of Children (May 2014)
    U.S. States with Juvenile Competency  Statutes (2012)
Civil Commitment Involuntary Civil Commitment Related to Criminal Offenses (updated December 2010)
    Civil Commitment of Sex Offenders (updated April 2012)
Consent Laws Minor Consent to Medical Treatment Laws
(updated January 2013)
    Unlawful Sexual Intercourse with a Minor Criminal Statutes Chart (2010)
    Victims with Disabilities - At Age of Consent
but Have Diminished Capacity (July 2011)
Cyberbullying Cyberbullying — Criminal Charging (updated July 2011)
    Cyberbullying — Schools and Public Libraries
(updated July 2011)
Delinquency Proceedings Jury Rights for Juveniles in Delinquency Proceedings
(updated June 2011)
    Juvenile Transfer to Adult Court
Drug Endangered Children Drug Endangered Children (updated March 2011)
Emotional Maltreatment Emotional Maltreatment (updated Feb. 2012)
Enhanced Penalties Enhanced Penalties for Assault & Battery of a Child
(updated August 2009)
    Enhanced Penalties for Child Homicide (updated April 2011)
Failure to Protect Child Endangerment/Failure to Protect Laws
(updated August 2014)
Forfeiture Forfeiture by Wrongdoing (updated March, 2010)
Female Genital Mutilation Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) Statutes
(updated March 2013)
Homicide Child Homicide (updated March 2013)
Incest Incest Statutes (updated March 2013)
    Criminal Incest Chart (updated Jan. 2010)
Kidnapping Parental Kidnapping Statutes (updated June 2010)
Mandatory Reporting of Child Abuse and Neglect
(updated November 2012)

Clergy Communications and Clergy as Mandated Reporters (updated January 2012)
Multidisciplinary Teams Child Death Review Teams (updated Feb. 2012)
Obscenity Obscenity (updated June 2010)
Online Solicitation Computer Facilitated Luring and Solicitation (updated June 2010)
Physical Child Abuse Penalties Physical Child Abuse Penalties
Child Pornography Child Pornography — Comprehensive (updated June 2010)
    Child Pornography  — Distribution and Promotion
(updated March 2010)
    Child Pornography — Possession (updated March 2010)
    Child Pornography — Production (updated June 2010)
    Child Pornography — Viewing (updated June 2012)
Rape Shield Rape Shield Statutes (updated March 2011)
    Rape Shield Summary Chart (updated Jan. 2010)
Sex Offender Registration Restriction or Ban of Social Networking Use for Sex Offenders Compilation (July 2013)
    Sex Offender Registry — Alabama to Missouri
(updated January 2013)
    Sex Offender Registry — Montana-Wyoming
(updated January 2013)
    Sex Offender Registry — U.S. Territories and Federal Legislation (updated January 2013)
Religious Exemptions to Child Neglect (June 2013)
Self Exploitation/
Sexting (updated July 2011)
Sentencing Sentencing in Child Maltreatment Cases (updated June 2010)
    General Sentencing Guidelines
(updated July 2010)
Sexual Offenses Sexual Offenses Against Children (updated July 2013)
Speedy Trial Speedy Trial Statutes in Cases with Child Victims and Witnesses (updated May 2011)
Statute of Limitations Statutes of Limitations for Prosecution of Child Abuse
(updated August 2012)
    Statutes of Limitations for Civil Action for Offenses Against Children (updated May 2013)
Strangulation Criminal Strangulation/Impeding Breathing
(updated November 2014)
Subpoenas Administrative Subpoena Authority (updated September 2011)
Torture Child Torture: State Statutory Considerations
(updated March 2009)
    Adult Statutory Considerations Used to Prosecute Child Torture Offenders (updated March 2009)
    Child Torture (July 2013)
Trafficking Child Protection Laws Regarding Victims of Commercial Sexual Exploitation (updated February 2012)
    Civil Remedies for Human Trafficking Victims (updated January 2012) 
    Human Trafficking and Involuntary Servitude
(updated December 2011)
    Human Trafficking Chart (updated December 2011)
    Statutory Frameworks Used to Charge Children for Commercial Sexual Exploitation (Prostitution & Promoting Statutes) & Alternatives to Prosecution (updated February 2012)
Child Victim Interviews Legislation Limiting the Number of Interviews
(updated April 2011)
    Admissibility of Videotaped Interviews/Statements in Criminal Child Abuse Proceedings (updated September 2010)
Voyeurism Voyeurism/"Peeping Tom" Statutes (updated July 2010)