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The link above is a PDF brochure/form. Please fill out the form completely and mail with your annual dues payment to:

99 Canal Center Plaza Suite 330
Alexandria, VA 22314

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America's prosecutors are, literally, the people's attorneys. NDAA's mission is "to be the voice of America's prosecutors and to support their efforts to protect the rights and safety of the people." What this means, in concrete terms, is that when you are a member of NDAA, your interests and concerns, no matter how large or small your jurisdiction, are heard in the deliberations of the nation's largest, primary and most influential organization of prosecuting attorneys. And, these concerns play a significant role in the formulation of national policy and legislation affecting prosecutors because NDAA's voice is not only heard, but requested and welcomed in those forums. Your membership in NDAA not only gives you a voice in the formulation of policies and laws that affect you and other prosecutors, but adds strength to our voice. Add to other benefits the incomparable opportunity to network with your fellow prosecutors across the nation and the reasons for you to join are compelling.

Who Is Eligible for NDAA Membership?
If you fall within one of the categories listed, you are eligible for NDAA Membership:


ACTIVE membership status is available to every district attorney, county solicitor, circuit solicitor, prosecuting attorney, county counsel, county attorney, municipal prosecutor, commonwealth's attorney, solicitor general, district attorney general, attorney general, general counsel for any state or national organization representing counties or county official whose legal responsibilities match those of elected or appointed prosecutors.


ASSOCIATE membership status is available to any assistant or deputy in any of the offices mentioned above as well as any U.S. attorney, assistant U.S. attorney, all prosecutors' support personnel, investigators, administrators, law students/interns, executive directors and training coordinators of offices providing statewide prosecution services, military prosecutors, international prosecutors and libraries.


ALUMNI membership is available to any former member of the NDAA Board of Directors whose prosecutorial term of office has expired.


FORMER ACTIVE/ASSOCIATE members or any individual who once held any of the offices or positions described in the active or associate categories.


SUSTAINING membership status includes donors of funds to NDAA which assist the association in furthering its objectives. Confirmation of sustaining membership is required from the NDAA Board of Directors.


Women's Section membership is available to anyone who is already a member of NDAA. Membership in the association is required but no additional fees will be assessed.


Law students and interns are eligible for membership in NDAA. See green link, below, for pricing.


How Much Does it Cost to Join NDAA?

The annual dues are determined according to the category of your membership and/or the size of your jurisdiction.

Active (Based on Jurisdiction Size) Annual Dues
0-20,000 persons: $97.00
20,001-50,000 persons: $168.00
50,001-100,000 persons: $235.00
100,001-250,00 persons: $352.00
250,001-500,000 persons: $709.00
500,001-1,000,000 persons: $1,097.00
1,000,001-1,500,000 persons: $1,193.00
1,500,001-2,000,000 persons: $1,433.00
2,000,001-3,000,000 persons: $1,719.00
3,000,001 or more persons: $2,015.00

Associate Annual Dues
Assistant or Deputy Attorneys: $75.00
Investigators: $75.00
Support Personnel: $75.00
Administrators: $75.00
Law Students/Interns: $25.00
Executive Directors and Training Coordinators of offices providing statewide services: $75.00
Military Prosecutors: $75.00
International prosecutors: $75.00
Libraries: $75.00

Former/Active Associate Member $75.00

Alumni Members $150.00

Sustaining Members (minimum contribution) $75.00

Law Students/Interns $25.00



Complete Equity Markets
CEM Complete Equity administers the National District Attorneys Association sponsored insurance programs. These include lawyer’s professional liability for both prosecutorial and civil practice and term life. CEM website go to link

Hertz Car Rental
Special discounts for NDAA members.


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