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NDAA Spring
Board Meeting

March 5-7, 2015
Salt Lake City, Utah
More information here.

NDAA Summer Committee Meetings and Board Meeting
July 18-19, 2015
Intercontinental Hotel, Chicago, Illinois
Hotel reservation info.

NDAA Summit on Prosecution Integrity
(formerly summer conference)
July 19-21, 2015
Intercontinental Hotel, Chicago, Illinois


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Summit on Prosecution Integrity

formerly the NDAA Summer Conference
July 19-21, 2015 Chicago, Illinois

InterContinential Chicago Magnificent Mile
505 N Michigan Ave, Chicago, IL 60611
(312) 944-4100
One of Chicago's original luxury hotels, with historic details, a modern section & circa-1920s pool.
More information on hotel reservation here.

This summit will feature educational sessions and strategy sessions for using best practices to address issues critical to prosecutors’ efforts in every state.

More info forthcoming!


February 24, 2015
Contact: Kay Chopard Cohen

NDAA's Allie Phillips Named One of America’s Top Ten Animal Defenders for 2015
Honored during National Justice for
Animals Week 2015

The Animal Legal Defense Fund (ALDF) has named National District Attorneys Association’s (NDAA) Allie Phillips one of America’s Top Ten Animal Defenders for 2015. Ms. Phillips is the Director of NDAA’s National Center for Prosecution of Animal Abuse and has been employed with NDAA for over seven years. Before joining the NDAA, she was an Assistant Prosecuting Attorney in Michigan and also a vice president with the Animal Humane Association. The award is given each year during National Justice for Animals Week, held the fourth week in February.

Animals Week is an annual event dedicated to raising awareness across the country about how citizens can work within their communities to achieve justice for animal victims of cruelty. The event also honors law enforcement, prosecutors, and legislators who make and enforce tough laws protecting animals. Ms. Phillips was selected as an award recipient due to her creation of NDAA’s National Center for Prosecution of Animal Abuse and for being the founder of Sheltering Animals & Families Together (SAF-T), a global initiative guiding family violence shelters to welcome families with pets. “Animal victims cannot speak for themselves—so concerned citizens, and our legal system, must speak for them,” said Stephen Wells, executive director of ALDF. “Allie Phillips has gone above and beyond to earn their place among America’s Top Ten Animal Defenders during National Justice for Animals Week 2015.” Kay Chopard Cohen, NDAA Executive Director, future commented “The NDAA is thrilled to have this important award bestowed upon Allie. Her dedication and commitment as an animal defender is unquestionable.”




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