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Who We Are

The National District Attorneys Association provides prosecutors with the requisite skill set to effectively respond to emerging and on-going gang problems. Our objective is to educate prosecutors about a comprehensive response to gangs, to assist prosecutors in developing and implementing holistic responses to gang violence, and to encourage prosecutors to act as leaders in prevention, intervention, and suppression strategies.

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Kristina Browning Director  703.519.1651

Kristi Browning is the Project Director for the NDAA's Capital Litigation, Child Abuse, and Juvenile Justice programs. Her most recent position was as an Assistant Attorney General in the Office of the Attorney General for the District of Columbia, where she prosecuted sexual abuse and child cruelty cases in the Juvenile Division. Prior to her that role, she was an Assistant Attorney General in the Office's Domestic Violence Section. Before making the move to DC, Kristi practiced domestic relations and housing law at the Legal Assistance Foundation of Metropolitan Chicago.

Kristi is barred in Illinois and DC, as well as the Northern District of Illinois. She earned her law degree from the City University of New York and her bachelor's degree from Depaul University.



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