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Evidence for Prosecutors Trainings


Evidence for Prosecutors
May 4-8, 2015, Long Beach, CA
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This program provides the necessary evidentiary framework for the prosecutor and other members of the prosecution team pre-charging, pre-trial, post-trial and most keenly, at trial.

Evidence for Prosecutors is designed to review the rules of evidence and to explore how they apply to both common and uncommon situations encountered by prosecutors and members of the prosecution team as they proceed through the investigation, case preparation and case presentation of their busy caseload. This course provides a comprehensive overview of the federal rules with knowledgeable faculty who discuss the relationship of these rules to each other and to the common law.

Who is eligible to attend
Prosecutors; Attorneys in Government Attorneys’ offices; Military Prosecutors; Paralegals in Prosecutor or Government Attorneys’ offices.

Tentative Topics include:
Hearsay Post Crawford
Character and Other Bad Acts Evidence
Witness Intimidation Issues
Experts, Experts, Experts
Photographic/Videographic and Digital Evidence
Forfeiture by Wrongdoing
Recanting Witnesses
Unusual "Syndromes" Evidence
Issues with Searches and Interrogations
The Visual Trial
Identification procedures: lineups, showups, and the Supreme Court
Summary Evidence: FRE 611
Privileged Communications
Ethics, Evidence and Trial Issues
Cell Phones, Cell Towers, Email, Facebook: 21st Century Sources of Evidence


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The Hotel
200 South Pine Avenue
Long Beach, CA 90802
Phone: 562-491-1234

$138 plus 15.1 tax. /Single/double
$163 plus 15.1% tax /triple
$188 plus 15.1% tax /quad

Room rates are valid 3 days before and 3 days after course based on room availability. Rates include free high speed internet in sleeping room; free access to fitness center and 25% discount on self parking.

To reserve your room please click here.

The Hyatt Long Beach is a unique urban retreat. A beach front hotel exhibiting the ultimate combination of luxury and convenience. Spectacular ocean views and lavish amenities await you; just steps from the Aquarium of the Pacific.

Guarantee reservation via major credit card or first night deposit.

HOTEL RESERVATION CUT OFF – Monday, April 13th 2015

Long Beach Information

For those flying in for the course, please note:  the Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) is approximately 21 miles from the hotel and the John Wayne International Airport in Orange County CA is 23 miles from the hotel. Super Shuttle from LAX is $17 each way while from John Wayne is $37 each way (you pay for the convenience); taxis are much more expensive. The commute from LAX however can be 35 to 40 mins as opposed to 25 mins from John Wayne depending on the day and time of day you arrive; there may however be more flights available from your jurisdiction into and out of LAX.   

CLE: Anticipated CLE credits will be approximately 20 hours, including at least one hour of Ethics. Questions regarding CLE can be directed to

Course Tuition is $595.00 for a single attendee from an office. There is a $50 discount for additional attendees from the same office.

Cancellations and Refund Policy: Full refunds will be made for cancellations received by 5:00 p.m., ten business days prior to the beginning of the course. Refunds, less $60 for administrative fees, will be made for cancellations received after this date for all courses.

Travel Services:
HERTZ offers special discounts — refer to the NDAA Corporate Discount (CPD) Number 1572962. AVIS also offers special discounts — refer to Avis Worldwide Discount (AWD) Number D150036.

Course Schedule:
Registration starts at 8:00 a.m. Monday, May 4th The course begins at 9:00 a.m. Monday, May 4th The course concludes Friday, May 8th at noon.

If you have any questions, please feel free to call the course coordinator, Rebecca Weaver at 703.519.1678 or email at