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April 9, 2015 from 3-4 pm eastern
The Animal Welfare Act and Working with USDA
Presented by: Dr. Robert Gibbens (USDA/APHIS), Sarah Conant (USDA/APHIS), ASAC Beth Dinkins (NE Region — NY office) and ASAC Marla Fricke (SW Region — KC office)

Dr. Gibbens will lead this presentation regarding an overview of the Animal Welfare Act and how USDA/APHIS’ Animal Care program has assisted during animal cruelty seizures and confiscations. Beth Dinkins and Marla Fricke will speak to their experience in enforcing the AWA animal fighting provisions, including logistics associated with caring for seized animals.

This webinar will assist prosecutors, law enforcement, animal control, veterinarians and shelter workers on USDA resources available during animal cruelty investigations and seizures.

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June 18, 2015 from 3-4pm eastern
Putting the LINK Puzzle All Together: Building Community Partnerships to protect Animals and People
Presented by Phil Arkow, Coordinator, National Link Coalition

As awareness of “The Link” between animal abuse and crimes against the human members of the family has grown, many criminal justice agencies have not only launched specialized prosecution units but are also organizing multidisciplinary community partnerships and animal cruelty task forces. This webinar will review how animal cruelty is often a predictor and indicator crime for domestic violence, elder abuse and child maltreatment. We will look at several local Link coalitions and describe a 7-step process by which prosecutors can engage community agencies in a coordinated effort to prevent the many interlocking forms of family violence. 

This webinar will be beneficial for prosecutors and allied professionals who wish to work collaboratively to respond to and prevent cruelty to animals and how it links to violence to humans.
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Continuing Legal Education Credits
The Virginia State Bar has certified these webinars for 1 CLE credit. After the live webinar, you may request a Uniform Certificate of Attendance from NDAA to be submitted to your state bar for continuing legal education credits. You must be on the webinar for the full hour and must have your browser open to only the webinar (you cannot have any other screen open, including a screen to take notes) otherwise we cannot verify your participation. Upon request, NDAA will verify your participation and send you the appropriate forms. Please email NCPAA for this document.

Other webinars from our partners at ASPCA
Check out two free anti-cruelty online courses on Combating Dogfighting and Investigating Animal Abuse for Law Enforcement offered by our partner at ASPCA.


Canadian Federation of Humane Societies
February 18, 2015 — Online webinar
Training on “Understanding the Importance of Animal Abuse as a Predictor and Indicator Crime” as part of an animal abuse prosecution webinar series.

2015 Shenandoah Valley Multidisciplinary Conference
February 24, 2015, Staunton, Virginia
Training on When the Abuse of Animals Harms Children and How Therapy Animals Help Maltreated Children.

Humane Society Academy First Strike: Ending Violence 2015 series
March 4, 2015 — Online webinar.
Training on “Sheltering Animals & Families Together (SAF-T)™: An Innovative Solution for Families and Pets in Crisis."

2015 Child Abuse & Family Violence Summit
April 23-24, 2015, Portland, OR
Presenting on “When the Abuse of Animals Harms Children: Strategies for Helping Children and Families”.


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