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Putting the LINK Puzzle All Together: Building Community Partnerships to protect Animals and People

June 2015
Presenter: Phil Arkow, Coordinator, National Link Coalition
Length: 1 hour

As awareness of “The Link” between animal abuse and crimes against the human members of the family has grown, many criminal justice agencies have not only launched specialized prosecution units but are also organizing multidisciplinary community partnerships and animal cruelty task forces. This webinar will review how animal cruelty is often a predictor and indicator crime for domestic violence, elder abuse and child maltreatment. We will look at several local Link coalitions and describe a 7-step process by which prosecutors can engage community agencies in a coordinated effort to prevent the many interlocking forms of family violence. This webinar is beneficial for prosecutors and allied professionals who wish to work collaboratively to respond to and prevent cruelty to animals and how it links to violence to humans.


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