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Can I Do That?
Ethical Issues when Working on Animal Cruelty Cases

December 2014
Presenter: Lora Dunn (Staff Attorney, Criminal Justice Program of the Animal Legal Defense Fund)
Length: 1 hour

Who can be present at the warrant execution of an animal cruelty case? After cruelty victims are seized, can the care giving agency publicize the details of the case to fundraise for their organization?

In our zealous advocacy for animals, we sometimes forget that lawyers, specifically prosecutors, are bound by certain ethical rules that may conflict with the interests of an assisting nonprofit agency. This webinar will address ethical issues frequently confronted by prosecutors, law enforcement, and care giving organizations in animal cruelty cases. Topics will include:

  • Working with nonprofits on high-profile cruelty cases attracting media attention
  • Handling evidence preservation
  • Privately funding a designated animal cruelty ADA in your state


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Hanlon v. Berger
Wilson v. Layne
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