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Animal Welfare Court: The Development of a Specialty Court Focused on Animal Abuse Cases

April 2013

Presenters: Judge Maria Felix, Kendrick Wilson (Deputy County Attorney) and Adam Rossi (Deputy County Attorney) from Pima County, Arizona
Length: 1 Hour

It is well documented that animal cruelty can be an indicator of future dangerous behavior. These cases may require unique intervention in order to ensure that the cycle is broken. Unfortunately, the high volume of misdemeanor cases handled in many courts prevents misdemeanor animal cruelty cases from being given the attention they require. What if you could create a specialty court to handle animal cruelty cases in your jurisdiction? Learn how a judge and a deputy county attorney in Pima County, Arizona, developed an Animal Welfare Court. Find out how they did it and how they ensured all stakeholders were included in their process. See how they collaborated with a local mental health treatment agency so defendants can be required to participate in an animal cruelty specific treatment model called AniCare.

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