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Intervening with Children Who Are Abusing Animals

April 2014

Presenter: Dr. Chris Risley-Curtiss (Associate Professor, Arizona State University School of Social Work)
Length: 1 hour

Research has established a correlation between animal and family violence, as well as increased criminality. Childhood animal abuse may be an early warning sign of serious trauma based disorders; it is considered a first sign of conduct disorder in young children. Studies find anywhere from 10–33% of at-risk children have abused animals. Early intervention programs are needed for children who are abusing animals in order to protect animals and humans from further harm. This free, 60-minute webinar will discuss intervening with children who are abusing animals. Learn about the Children and Animals Together Assessment and Intervention Program, one of only two programs known to intervene with children who abuse animals. The speaker will explain the program’s evolution and trauma–focused ecological philosophy and discuss real cases. She will share lessons learned as well as implications and need for intervening with children abusing animals.

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